Braille is a reading system for blind people. Find out about what it is, how to learn it, the Blind Foundation’s Braille services, and more.

Accessible Information

The Blind Foundation can provide books, magazines, reports and more in formats that blind and low-vision people can access. We can also help you produce accessible documents.

Telephone Information Service

TIS is an easy way to get information including the news, Blind Foundation updates, and government notices. Find out more, including how to access it, here.

At home

We offer support to help you keep living your life and doing daily chores without sight. Here you will learn how we can help with daily life.

Technology and Computers

Whether you want to stay in touch, manage your bank account or just surf the web, learn how we can help you do it if you’re blind or low vision.

Recreation and social

Whatever you like to do in your spare time, the Blind Foundation has activities you’ll enjoy. Here you’ll find information about our range of leisure activities and social groups.

Work and study

The Blind Foundation can support you whether you’re adapting to sight loss at work, looking for a job or pursuing a course of study.

Financial assistance

There are a range of funds available that offer financial support if you are blind or have low vision. Learn more about them here.

St John Medical Alarm Discount

The St John Medical Alarm discount is available to all Blind Foundation clients who are new and existing users of the service.