Puppy raisers

Puppy walking across the road with it's owner

Our puppies need loving homes to grow up in before going through formal training.

This is an important role for dedicated volunteers  who can help socialise our puppies for the first 12 – 18 months of their lives.

Red Puppy Appeal


We need volunteer street collectors and coordinators for our Red Puppy Appeal street collection.

Breeding stock guardians

quinn with her yellow lab puppies

A few of the absolute best guide dogs become the parents of the next generation.

We need volunteers to take these very special pups into their homes.

Board a puppy

two puppies in a play house

Could you give a guide dog a home for a short time – from a week to three months?

Kennel assistants

kennel assistant washing a dog

Assist our staff at the Guide Dogs kennels in Manurewa with general housekeeping, cleaning, and assistance with dogs.