Red Puppy Appeal

Friday 23 – Saturday 24 March 2018

Thanks to our amazing volunteers, the 2017 Red Puppy Appeal street collection raised over $320,000 for Blind Foundation guide dogs.

Interested in collecting for Red Puppy Appeal 2018?

We will be recruiting for volunteers in early 2018. Please fill in your email address below, and you‘ll be the first to hear about it.

If you have any questions for the Red Puppy Appeal team, please get in touch:

0800 787 743

Yates lying down

This is Yates, a guide dog puppy in training. His dream is to one day help restore confidence, independence and freedom to a New Zealander who is blind or has lost their sight.

Before Yates can achieve his dream of becoming a Blind Foundation guide dog, he will need two years of specialist training. This is why Red Puppy Appeal is so crucial.