Our guide dog puppies have been learning lots. Here’s what they’ve been up to over the hazy, lazy days of summer.


Loves: Gardening and digging holes

Over the summer Pia has enjoyed lots of gardening. She loves to run off with the tools and has a special spot where she can have a little dig at playtime. Pia now walks to school every morning. She has learned to stop, wait and then cross the road. Well done Pia!

Black Labrador puppy in a photo frame
German Shepherd puppy in a red coat


Loves: Ora loves to please and settles anywhere

Ora’s spent the summer going to work with her puppy raiser. She loves catching the train and being in the office. Ora settles in, no matter where she is, and most people don’t even know she’s there. But of course a gorgeous guide dog puppy makes everyone smile once they spot her!


Loves: Sharing his soft toys and swimming

Yates has just begun his formal training. He’s proving to be a calm and willing guide dog puppy. Yates loves to play with his soft toys and always gives one as a gift when friends visit. He has spent the summer doing his favourite thing – lots of swimming!

Yates in his red guide dog in training coat
A young black Labrador wearing a red collar


Loves: Showing everyone how cute he is

Matty just loved summer. It was all the water and fun times with the garden hose. Matty’s developing well, doing the right things and even at this early stage, is meeting all his milestones. He’s very friendly and loves to show you all the time how cute he is. What a show-off!


Loves: Getting out and about every day

Growing puppies need lots of sleep, but also lots of stimulation. Everyday Rita’s puppy raiser takes her out in the car and for walks in the local park and mall. That’s so Rita can smell, hear and see lots of different things. She has also learnt to sit and wait for her food. Well done Rita!

Labrador puppy in a white photo frame