Latest news from our Guide Dog puppies

Catching up with Pupstar Harris
Harris is such a lovely guide dog puppy. He seems to be doing all the right things, as well as
Chantelle sitting on the steps with guide dog Darbi
With Darbi by her side, Chantelle is leading a rich and fulfilling life.
Chantelle was born with under-developed optic nerves in both eyes. Although she can see some things when objects are very
Black and yellow labradors
Brooke’s new work friends
I haven’t stopped moving since returning home from Wellington. Last Friday, I had another assessment walk with my brother Bronson,
Dogs sitting under a table
Where can guide dogs go?
Blind Foundation Guide Dogs are legally allowed to access all public spaces and buildings.  All guide dogs are given their
Black lab puppy sitting on the beach
Brooke’s first flight
I’ve mastered the car, I’ve mastered the bus; now it’s time for me to fly. This week, I flew up
Golden retriever puppy with soft toys
Play time with guide dogs
We often get members of the public commenting that guide dogs look bored. A few others will comment that they
Guide dog in training squatting to poo
Who picks up guide dog poop?
This is one of those questions that seem to crop up a lot! The answer is simple; their handler does.
Brooke with a cushion cover in her mouth
Brooke’s new favourite toy
Last week went by so quickly. I’m convinced time whizzes by as you get older. I hope you’ve been staying