Red Puppy Sponsorship

Guide dog puppies go through two years of rigorous training before they become guide dogs.

It’s tough work and it simply wouldn’t be possible without the support of Red Puppy Sponsors.


There are many ways to get involved with Guide Dogs. From puppy walking, to street collecting, every little bit helps.


By taking part in a fundraising event on behalf of guide dogs, you’ll be helping make sure that we can breed and train more guide dogs.

Your donation will help breed and train guide dogs for New Zealanders that need them the most. Thank you for your support!

The latest news from our puppies

A black labrador eating grass
Gardening with Brooke
I’ve discovered I have a bit of a green paw, I’m super helpful in the garden. I usually just help
Our new pupstar, black Labrador Harris
Introducing Harris, your new Pupstar
Meet Harris, a gorgeous black Labrador and our newest Pupstar. Harris is the lucky pup chosen to represent all the
Guide dog puppy Norah
Norah’s fun filled summer
Norah’s a teenager now and as part of her training she has been socialising a lot recently. She’s always proud