Braille and Low Vision Scrabble game

Product code: RC0137

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Each of the letter tiles has braille, as well as clear print labelling. The playing board has tactile dots on the premium letter squares and tactile dashes on the premium word squares. The clever tile-lock design means that the letter tiles sit snugly on the board, even when rotating on to the next player using the built-in stand. Tile holders and the tiles are plastic with braille and bold letters on the tiles in 16 point font (Point font refers to the height of the print lettering).

The tiles are 2.4cm (0.93 inches) high, 2.4cm (0.93 inches) wide and 0.5cm (0.31 inches) in length and the board, which can be rotated to face each player in turn, measures 37cm square. The text is 1.35cm (0.6 inches) high and the numbers are 0.5cm (0.18 inches) high.

This game is supplied with braille and large print instructions.