A young boy smiling
Meet Zac, a little boy with big dreams

While he might look like any other Kiwi kid, young Zac has Ocularmotor Apraxia. It’s a neurological condition, meaning he struggles to move his eyes from left to right, focus on words and follow a line of text. A related condition means his speech has been slow to develop. Zac’s mum Donna (pictured below) said,

“In the beginning, it was devastating feeling something wasn’t right. It was scary. When Zac was diagnosed…it was heartbreaking. We thought, how will we get through this? Then he got tactile books from the Blind Foundation Libary and we saw him smile because he could understand the story. I felt like there was a clear path after so many obstacles.”

Please donate today to help support Kiwis who are blind or have low vision.

Mother holding boy in her arms
A big opportunity

Because he has challenges with his vision, Zac’s world can be isolating. Making friends is difficult for him, and he doesn’t get invited to birthday parties as other parents find it a big responsibility to look after him. As you can imagine, this is really tough for a five-year-old and heartbreaking for his mum and dad.

But with large print books from the Blind Foundation Library, Zac has the opportunity to read, learn, develop and visit amazing worlds in his imagination. Every donation will help children like Zac to keep up with their peers, grow in confidence and receive much-needed support. Please donate today.

You can make a big difference

Zac is not alone, many people across New Zealand rely on the Blind Foundation for essential support. Please donate today. You can give the gift of reading to Zac and help people who are blind or have low vision receive much-needed support, so they can live life with confidence and independence.