Susan Williams
Susan Williams co-directs show that focuses entirely on sound, not sight
Susan Williams, 27, is functionally blind and co-director of the accessible show ‘Stories of the Darkest Night’ at the NZ...
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Loren's family
How Loren regained her confidence and independence
Sometimes life rips the rug out from underneath your feet. And that’s how Loren felt when she lost most of...
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Close up of hands touching a tactile bird picture
Pair have become friends through mentoring programme
Halina Thurlow is on track to achieving her goals, helped by the support of her mentor Celine Tonkin. The pair...
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Brianna reading a talking book
Make life more magical for children like Brianna
Make life more magical for children like Brianna The gift you give this Blind Week can help ensure that Brianna...
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Vicki Hilliam at her local bus stop.
Conquering public transport: Vicki’s story
Love it or hate it, public transport is an everyday feature for many Kiwis who are blind or have low...
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George stand with his trucks
Trucking on.
Former truck driver George finds a way to remain in the cab after sight loss. People can be surprised to...
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John Hinchcliff, in his office, surrounded by books
Educator losing his vision, but not his zest for life.
“Don’t dwell on the negative, find ways to accentuate the positive.” This is Dr John Hinchcliff’s philosophy. He has applied...
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Jo holding a letter close to her mailbox
Because of you Jo takes her next step.
Because of you Jo takes her next step. Early this year Jo had a big drop in her vision after...
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John and his guide dog Vinko
A guide dog gives John freedom
A guide dog gives John freedom John has always loved to walk. So when he lost his sight at the...
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Sally with two of her students in a classroom
How you helped Sally to stay in the job she adores
How you helped Sally to stay in the job she adores When Sally’s vision suddenly changed last year, it turned...
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Chantelle Griffiths with her family
Chantelle encourages anyone who wants to learn how to cook to ‘give it a go’
Chantelle Griffiths It wasn’t until she was a teenager that Chantelle Griffiths discovered her love of cooking. Our Braille Awareness...
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Ivan Dodds in the National Contact Centre
Behind the scenes with Blind Foundation National Contact Centre Advisor Ivan Dodds
‘Providing help is extremely rewarding’ Ivan Dodds’ official job title is National Contact Centre Advisor but sometimes it might as...
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