A young woman with her black Labrador guide dog
Stevi’s story
How Stevi regained her confidence 19 year-old Stevi was born with a rare eye condition called Cone Dystrophy and Nystagmus.
A young woman holding up her iPhone with the BookLink app open
Susan’s story
Susan’s life is brighter with books When Persistent Migrainous Aura (a rare form of migraine), started to affect Susan’s sight,
A woman baking in her kitchen
Jacqui’s story
Jacqui’s life of independence is full of new adventures Jacqui is a positive and confident mother-of-three who loves challenges and
An old lady smiling and holding up her quilt
Jenny’s story
Stepping back into the light. After 71 years of perfect vision, a rare genetic condition left Jenny devastated. And she
A young boy and his mum reading a book together
Zac’s story
A black and white photo of a woman smiling
Jo’s Story
Last spring, seven people took on the challenge of a lifetime for Blind Week – to prove to themselves and
Maureen Ridge with her pet dog
Maureen’s story
Maureen has always been independent – travelling the world, raising a family and caring for animals. With your support, Maureen
Tim with his close-knit family – his wife, daughter and five grandsons
How Tim lost his sight
It was just a regular day in 2003 when it happened. Tim was at work, sitting at his desk. One
Family photo
A Christmas story
Bring the gift of joy to Kiwi families Just for a moment, imagine: You’re a parent with three Read More...
Help change Lottie’s life
“Sam and Hayley” the doctor said softly, “please sit down, we need to talk about your baby.” Nelson couple Hayley and
June with one of her paintings
June’s story
You can help change the lives of New Zealanders like June who are living with sight loss. Despite leading a