Braille opens up a world of information for children and adults alike.

Invented in 1824, by Louis Braille, the simple raised dot system is still considered by many people as the best reading system for blind people.

It is a brilliant tool for communicating and participating in society, as it offers literacy for a blind person that parallels print for a sighted person.

The Blind Foundation produces documents of all kinds in braille for our clients and members, as well as teaching people to use braille. In this section you can find out all about braille, as well as the services and equipment we have available to get you started, and keep you going, using this brilliant system.

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“Braille is knowledge; knowledge is power.” – Louis Braille

What is braille?

About the braille system and how it benefits blind and low-vision people.

Learning braille

Want to learn braille yourself, or know someone- old or young- who would benefit from learning it? We can help.

Writing in braille

You can write in braille as well as read it. Learn about the most common ways to do this here.

How braille works

Language, numbers, pictures, music- it’s all possible in braille. Find out more here.

Our braille services

Need something in braille? Whether it’s a personal message or an important document, we can do it. You can also find information about our braille newsletter here.

Braille request form

Complete this form to get a message written for you or someone else in braille, in return for a small donation.