Support for Māori who are blind or have low vision, and their whānau.

If you would like Māori cultural support, the Blind Foundation can put you in touch with Kāpō Māori Aotearoa.  Their vision is to ‘illuminate the darkness with hope, self-determination, independence, individual and whānau well-being’.

Kāpō Māori Aotearoa is an indigenous kaupapa Māori national provider of health and disability services.  It’s based upon Māori philosophies, principles and practices. The organisations’s reputation is high among Māori, non-Māori and government.

We work with them so Māori who are blind or have low vision have cultural support to access and engage with Blind Foundation services.

You may know Kāpō Māori Aotearoa as Ngāti Kāpō o Aotearoa – its previous name. It began working with the Blind Foundation in February 2012, replacing the Blind Foundation’s Mana Kāpō Aronga service.

For more information call the Kāpō Māori Aotearoa freephone number 0800 770 990.  You can also get in touch with the Blind Foundation on 0800 24 33 33 or