Breeding stock guardians

A few of the absolute best guide dogs become the parents of the next generation.

They are usually about 12-18 months old when it becomes clear how special they are. This is when they graduate onto the Blind Foundation Guide Dog breeding programme.

You could be the person that takes one of these special dogs into your home – their guardian.  You’d care for him or her and make sure it was available for important guide dog programme requirements. Your help would bring many new aspiring guide dogs into the world.

To be a Breeding Stock Guardian, you need to:

  • commit to your special dog for its whole life.
  • be able to visit the Blind Foundation Guide Dog Centre, in Auckland, so your dog can take part in the breeding programme.
  • have a fully fenced and safe home.
  • be able to walk your dog for an hour a day – about 25km a week.
  • fit your dog comfortably into your work-life – take the dog to work with you or work no more than 15 hours a week.
  • have experience with dogs.

It is important work, and the Blind Foundation will give you lots of support including:

  • checking in monthly.
  • providing you with all the food, equipment and vet care the dog needs – including worming and vaccination.
  • registering the dog with Manukau City Council .
  • boarding the dog if you go on holiday and can’t take them with you.

We also let you know how the dog’s puppies are getting on. Lastly, we give you the option of adopting your dog when he / she retires from breeding.

If you would like to do this very special work, just call 09 269 0400 or email