“Thanks to Halo, my future’s looking bright.”

Having Halo come into my life has been amazing. Without her, every aspect of my life would be so different…

My name is Stevi and I was born with a rare eye condition that seriously affects my vision. Before I got Halo, things were hard. I couldn’t go out on my own and I felt isolated.

After I got Halo, the first time I walked uptown by myself I was just so happy. I had just gone up to meet my friend, which is such a simple thing, but I’d never been able to do that by myself. I was so emotional, it felt great to be able to do that.

Without Halo, I don’t know if I would have gone to university. I doubt I would have, to be honest. Even though Halo can’t do my assessments for me, just knowing that I can actually go out when I want gives me the drive to achieve things.

Having a guide dog makes me feel better about myself.

I adore Halo. My favourite thing about her is her personality. She’s very cheeky. And she loves carrots, which I find very cute. She works hard and is compassionate. She’s always tuned in to how I’m feeling and what’s going on around us.

What a bright future Stevi has ahead of her – and we’re sure Halo is happy to be part of it.

Guide dog puppy Yates in his red coat

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