Getting started

Set up your fundraising page here. It only takes a couple of minutes to set up your page and then you can share your unique link with friends, colleagues and family – and watch the donations come in.

Supporters can donate to your page using a credit or debit card and will automatically be issued with a tax receipt (for donations over $5).

Our top tips for raising even more online

Make your first donation the biggest. If your first supporter is generous, others will follow suit.

Personalise your page. People want to know why you are taking this challenge for Blind Foundation guide dogs. Write a short paragraph, make it personal and be sure to add a photo of yourself (or a cute pup!)
Make it interesting. Tell people where their money will be going and how it will help. Here are just a few examples of how your donations will help guide dogs:

  • $30 could buy soft toys and tug roles for guide dog puppies to aid their development
  • $50 could pay for a puppy’s first eye check
  • $100 could pay for the vaccinations for a guide dog puppy in training
  • $200 could pay for a guide dog’s iconic harness
  • $500 could pay for an equipment kit for a new guide dog and their handler
  • $1,000 could help cover vet care for a guide dog puppy while they’re in training

Spread the word. Share your fundraising page link in lots of places. Use email, Facebook, text messages, Twitter etc. to reach everyone. You’ll be surprised by who will donate.

Hold an event. Bake sales or sausage sizzles are a fun way to get your neighbourhood or work involved in your fundraising. You could make dog-shaped biscuits – or even make dog treats to sell.

Keep asking. Lots of your friends and family might forget to make a donation, but that doesn’t mean that don’t want to support your collection! Don’t be afraid to ask again.

Update your page. If you’ve held any interesting events or have received a special donation you might like to update your page. You can even include photos with your updates!

Thank your supporters. Remember to thank people for their kind support. If you thank them publicly on social media, it can also be a reminder to people who haven’t donated yet.