It’s not all chew toys around here! Becoming a guide dog is hard work. Here is an update on how some of our puppies are doing.


Harris is over 7 months old now. He loves donning his red coat because he knows it means he’s heading out for an adventure with his puppy raiser. He’s become a pro at sitting quietly under café tables and not getting distracted by all the noises and smells.

Harris’s puppy raiser is taking good care of him until he finishes his training. One of his favourite things to do is visit the local dog park so he can run around with his furry pals. But he’s just as happy curled up in front of the fireplace – even when it’s not on!

Harris recently met some locals – a few chickens and ducks who live at a nearby lake. He was so patient and sat very still while they passed. It’s a good sign he’ll make a trustworthy guide dog one day.

Black labrador puppy wearing a red coat in a white photo frame
A picture of a white Labrador with a cartoon Santa hat drawn on


Happy birthday Yates! This good boy recently turned one – and he doesn’t seem to know just how big and strong he is now. But it’s okay because he’s still a lovely, gentle boy.

Yates gets very excited when he sees his red coat come out. He races to the front door and is ready to take on the day’s adventures. We’re sure he’ll be just as excited when he sees all the treats Santa brings him for being such a good boy!


As you may know, not all our puppies grow up to become guide dogs. But that doesn’t mean their breeding or training is wasted.

When Frankie came back from her break, she seemed more sensitive to noise. And even though she worked very hard to please her trainer, her excitement means she can’t become a guide dog.

Not to worry though. Frankie’s still eager to please and will make a great companion to someone very special.

A black Labrador in a white photo frame
A close up og a white Labradors face looking proud


Like Frankie, Norah tried her best to impress her trainer. Sadly, she showed too many distractions when scanning the ground for food. It means Norah won’t be able to take on the responsibility of becoming a guide dog.

We’re so proud of Norah and know all her hard work and training will help her find a role with someone who needs a special girl like her.


Matty’s settling in very well with his volunteer puppy raisers. He loves food, so the wait for the food bowl to be put down is very tough. But he’s doing better and showing more patience every day.

Matty’s only vice is that he snores – but it’s very cute!

A young black Labrador puppy in a white photo frame