Harris continues to do really well in his development. Before Christmas he went on an assessment walk with the team from guide dogs. Everyone agreed that Harris did really well. He was very aware of what was asked of him, and he had no problems dealing with all the distractions around him. He was well behaved and walked very nicely on his lead. Way to go Harris!

Harris recently went to his local high school for a visit. It’s important for him to mix and mingle with kids and experience the noise of the playground and classroom. Harris took it all in his stride. He was so relaxed he fell asleep right in the middle of the classroom.

Harris still loves his regular walks around the local park and lake. And it’s even better when his doggy friend comes along to share in the fun!

For Harris to be a guide dog he can’t have any food distractions. So Harris’ puppy raiser continues to visit lots of local cafes and the mall with Harris. It was fun over the summer holidays as there were lots of people for Harris to meet.

2018 is going to be a big year for Harris. We wish him luck as he goes into more training at the guide dog centre.

Harris and Finn sitting by the lake