Many of you who live in the South Island may know the smiling face of Joy who works out of the Christchurch office. Joy is the face of our fundraising team in the South Island, and has been working in the community for over 15 years.

But did you know the Blind Foundation has been part of Joy’s life for over 50 years?

Golden Retriever puppy wearing a red guide dog coat
Guide dog Molly in red training coat at 7 weeks old

“The Blind Foundation has been beside me throughout my journey and they are still a big part of my life. Without them I wouldn’t be the independent person I am today.”

Last year Joy was matched with her first Blind Foundation guide dog. The moment Joy met Molly, she knew she’d found a ‘match made in heaven’.

Soon after, Joy and Molly visited Dunedin and stayed in a large hotel. It was a life-changing moment for Joy when, without help from hotel staff, Molly proudly guided Joy through the maze of doors and corridors back to their room.

“I burst into tears … I was so overwhelmed that this gorgeous dog had navigated me back to my room. From that day on I have placed my full trust in Molly. I’m so proud of her.”

Joy is also proud of wonderful supporters like you. Everyday you help a Kiwi like her to access the Blind Foundation’s life-changing services.

“THANK YOU! Your kindness and generosity has helped me to live my life without limits.”

Joy and Molly will be collecting this Red Puppy Appeal. Click here to join them.