Only two weeks until Christmas.

A black labrador sitting in front of a Christmas tree

I hope you’re all prepared for the hectic time of the year that is the holiday season. The shops are getting much busier so it’s getting harder for me to concentrate on my walking skills. Some days I’m perfect, other days I need a bit more encouragement. That’s ok though, I’m working hard and improving all the time.

We’ve put our Christmas tree up at home. I made sure to help with the ornaments, and it turns out I have a flare for design. What a talented pup.

I’ve packed my bag and am away at a boarder’s again. I’ve stayed with her before and I’m super excited to be back. I’m having a great time. I’m showing off all my progress and getting an extra treat or two. I’m glad to know these puppy dog eyes still work.

I’ll probably be pretty tired when I get home again, so I’ll make sure to schedule more naps.

Until next week.