I hope you’ve all stayed dry in the rainy weather. I don’t mind going out in the rain, especially when I’ve got my red coat on. I’m still not a huge fan of wet paws; I leave a trail of wet muddy paw prints wherever I sneak to in the house. I’m not usually naughty, but like any cheeky puppy, sometimes I like to push my luck.

It’s worth getting wet paws when I get to explore the garden; it’s worth it just to explore the new smells that come from under the fence. We’ve had roadworks outside our house, which means a lot of different smells and sounds.  Being the socialite that I am, I like to introduce myself to the workers. I’m jealous they get to dig holes all day, but I still think my job is better.

My discovery this week has been the blueberry bush in the backyard. I absolutely love blueberries, even if they aren’t ripe yet, and apparently, they are full of antioxidants although I have no idea what those are. I’ve eaten the ones I can reach which I think is enough. You know how us Labradors love our food.

I’ve enjoyed my time back at home, but you know me –  I’m always on the move. I’ve gone to a boarder for a few days before I head to kennels for another breeding stock assessment. My sister Beth was in the car when I was picked up so I really didn’t mind leaving again. I was so excited I didn’t even want to say goodbye to my Puppy Raiser.

I’m sure I’ll come back tired after playing with my friends, but I’ll make sure to write another blog in between my naps.

Until then,