After a long time away, I’m finally back at work. I’ve missed being here.

I had an awesome time at my boarder’s, although a few days ago I had to go into kennels. I wasn’t upset in the slightest. My sister, Beth, was there so it was another chance for us to catch up and of course do what we love to do when we see each other, play. I came home absolutely exhausted.

In between my many catch up naps at home, I’ve been making sure I reacquaint myself with the outside world. I’ve been to malls, the supermarket and the butchers, as well as going on lots of different walks. I’m absolutely perfect at the supermarket, even in the dog food aisle. The butchers is a little bit harder, but I made it out without a problem; my Puppy Raiser was very proud.

I’m very clever and I’ve managed to remember all of my commands from before I went away. If my raiser doesn’t use hand signals, I can get a bit mixed up with the commands ‘down’ and ‘stand’. But as always, it’s a work in progress and I’m practicing every day.

Unfortunately, I’m only back for a week before I go back to kennels for another breeding stock assessment. I don’t know how long I’ll be away, but I’ll be updating you as soon as I get back.

Be good, I promise I will.