Face to face fundraising

The Blind Foundation is working with a professional marketing organisation to visit members of the public at their homes to give them the opportunity to become Red Puppy Sponsors.

Why are we doing this?

It takes more than two years to breed and train a Blind Foundation guide dog, and so the regular support of Red Puppy Sponsors is essential to support these amazing wee puppies through their training. Face to face fundraising enables us to talk to thousands of New Zealanders about guide dogs and the difference these puppies will one day make for Kiwis who are blind or have low vision.

The Blind Foundation is a member of the Public Fundraising Regulatory Association (PFRA). The PFRA works with charities to ensure quality, integrity and transparency in face to face fundraising by creating an atmosphere of public confidence and regulatory satisfaction.


How do I identify Blind Foundation fundraisers?

Legitimate Blind Foundation face to face fundraisers will:

  • be wearing an official red vest displaying the Blind Foundation Guide Dogs logo
  • be displaying an identification badge with their name, photo and identification number
  • never ask for or accept a cash donation
  • be carrying up-to-date Blind Foundation Guide Dogs literature and an iPad


Why are the fundraisers using iPads?

We are constantly looking at ways to reduce costs and to improve the performance of our fundraising efforts. Using iPads lowers the cost of administration; eliminates errors that could mean we can’t process your donation or contact you about it, and it is extremely secure. For example, personal information and donation details (e.g. credit card details) are instantly encrypted using bank-grade encryption.



Our team and locations

Each week we will publish the neighbourhoods where our fundraisers will be visiting.

From Monday 21st May to Saturday 26th May our fundraisers will be calling from 12 noon until 7:30 pm in the following areas.


Auckland suburbs:

  • Bucklands Beach
  • Burwoods
  • Conifer Grove
  • Easter Beach
  • Ellerslie
  • Epsom
  • Fairview Heights
  • Farmcove
  • Forest Hill
  • Freemans Bay
  • Greenhithe
  • Henderson
  • Highland Park
  • Lincoln
  • Meadowbank
  • Milford
  • New Lynn
  • Northcote
  • Northcote Point
  • Ponsonby
  • Snapper Rock
  • St Marys Bay
  • St. Johns
  • Stonefields
  • Sunnyhills
  • Te Atatu Peninsula
  • Te Atatu South
  • Torbay
  • Wattle Downs
  • Weymouth

Auckland fundraisers:

  • Ben Fahey
  • DeeJay Sutaria
  • Edmund Liew
  • Gaige Ross
  • Harrison Blackburn
  • Hilal Mohideen
  • Jackson Shervey
  • Johnson Zhuang
  • Kai Li Cummings
  • Keeley Hawkins
  • Liam Simpkin
  • Marie Auzet
  • Melanie Gehl
  • Mireille Drolet
  • Sharman Patel
  • Sinja Kuehl
  • Tim Juergens
  • Tina Soonalafo
  • Zac Bird



  • Avonhead
  • Bryndwr
  • Burnside
  • Cashmere
  • Cracroft
  • Lincoln
  • Methven
  • Moncks Bay
  • Monks Spur
  • Mt Pleasant
  • Red Cliffs
  • Richmond Hill
  • Somerfield
  • Spreydon
  • St Andrews Hill
  • Sumner
  • Westmorland

Christchurch Fundraisers:

  • Dean Borland
  • Dylan Wilson
  • Leon Young
  • Qian Zhang
  • Stacey Scott
  • Valerie Fuhl
  • Warwick Schruer

Palmerston North & Wanganui


  • Hawera
  • Kelvin Grove
  • Milson
  • Palmerston North
  • Roslyn
  • Waverly
  • Whanganui


  • Alexandra Kemp
  • Eden Coll
  • James Dupuis
  • Jesse Stirling
  • Stephanie Grieg
  • William Costall


Wellington suburbs:

  • Ascot Park
  • Clouston Park
  • Ebdentown
  • Elderslea
  • Khandallah
  • Kingsley Heights
  • Levin
  • Papakowhai
  • Paremata
  • Raumati
  • Riverstone Terrace
  • Totara Park
  • Wallaceville

Wellington fundraisers:

  • Albion Haines
  • Jacob Pickering
  • Mark Bridger
  • Rebecca Girelli
  • Rinka Negi
Face to Face fundraisier in red guide dogs bib
Blind Foundation fundraiser wearing a red vest and holding an iPad