Introducing Harris, your new Pupstar

May 10, 2017

Meet Harris, a gorgeous black Labrador and our newest Pupstar. Harris is the lucky pup chosen to represent all the hardworking guide dog puppies in training. He was handed this important title from Norah, who has been our wonderful Pupstar over the last year. Norah is developing nicely, and we will keep following her progress through the programme, but it is time now for Harris to step into the spotlight.

Harris came into this world late January,  one of 17 black Labrador puppies born over the summer. Harris and his siblings have been enjoying  long hot days at the breeding centre playing, socialising, and learning important skills like how to share their toys.

Puppies fighting over a soft toy
Harris enjoying one last play with his siblings, Hunter, Hamish, and Hana at the breeding centre


Like most puppies, Harris is bundle of energy who just loves being picked up and cuddled. We all agree he is going to be a real head turner! He has now settled into his new home with his puppy walker.

See more photos of this cutie on the Pupdate Facebook page.