Brooke’s trip to uni

Jun 02, 2017

As a young pup with a lot of potential and the tendency to pick up new information quickly, I decided to expand my horizons and join my walker at university this week. It was a bit overwhelming navigating around the crowds of people rushing between classes and all the new smells but I loved the excitement.

I made some new friends in the student’s common area and taught them some things about how to behave around a puppy with their red coat on or a guide dog; who thought I’d come to university and be the one lecturing!?

As you’re reading this I am at my first kennel break at the Guide Dog Centre with my brother Bronson and sister Beth. I’m very excited to see them again and meet some of the other guide dog’s in training while I’m there. I have to catch a train to get there which I haven’t tried before but I’m sure it’s just like a big bus.

I’ll be leaving my comfy new bed in the office behind while I’m away, I’ve been loving my naps under the desk and apparently look adorable while doing so. I’ll be back to resume the position next week and will share my time at the kennels with you then.