Brooke’s new work friends

Aug 04, 2017

I haven’t stopped moving since returning home from Wellington.

Last Friday, I had another assessment walk with my brother Bronson, sister Beth, and poodle pal Debbie. Although we were all very excited to see each other, we tried our best to stay in work mode. We sat quietly in Westfield Newmarket while our puppy walkers enjoyed a coffee. We did try the stealth army crawl towards each other at one stage, but unfortunately we weren’t as sneaky as we thought we were!

I have some new friends in the office – Guide Dog Puppies King and Roxanne are coming to Awhina House while their puppy walkers are away.  Roxanne is the oldest and definitely the biggest; she’s one years old.  I’ve just celebrated my nine-month birthday and wee King is only 14-weeks!

I’ve demonstrated proper free-run behaviours before playing with them; I want to be a good role model for King and show off my skills to Roxanne.  When we’re finally free to play however, our manners tend to go out the window.  King and I are just across the office from each other so we chat a lot; we have to keep pup-dated with all the doggy gossip.  We try and save it for play time, but it’s pretty hard not to distract each other.  After a while, King ends up having a nap; he is still a baby after all.

My new experience this week was going to the BLENNZ Music School. There were lots of children and another working dog –  I was very excited but knew I couldn’t socialise because I had my red coat on. I showed off my skills, sitting quietly while the students did dance class and music practice. I hadn’t heard drums or a piano in real life before, so I learnt a lot of new sounds. I wasn’t such a fan of my puppy walker’s attempt at playing bass guitar though, I think she needs a bit more practice!

My blog will be taking a break over the next three weeks as I’ll be on holiday at a boarder’s while my puppy walker is overseas. I’ll miss her, but I’m sure I’ll have a great time with the new family. I’ll update you with all my news when I get home.