Brooke’s Blind Week collection

Oct 12, 2017

I hope you have all had a good week, I know I have.

First, let me tell you about collecting for Blind Week. I loved it. It was pawesome to get out there to help raise money for the Blind Foundation, and I wasn’t complaining about the extra pats. I was on my very best behaviour. I got a bit excited when I ran into Verka, another guide dog in training, and Paula from Guide Dogs, but other than that, I was nice and calm. I made sure I was extra gentle when I met some little kids too. I even sat down when they came over to say hello. I’m used to meeting all different types of people, so I know that some need a little more patience than others.

After collecting, I went for a big walk around Albany mall. I did try and have a lie down in a shop, just to let my Puppy Walker know that I’d had enough for the day. I fell asleep as soon as I got in the car home.

I’m getting really good at ignoring food in the supermarket. I do try and drag my Puppy Walker down the dog food aisle, but I still haven’t managed to head home with an extra bag of food. You can’t blame me for trying, I am a Lab after all.

I’ve also made some new friends. I’ve been playing with Eva, who is boarding in the Fundraising team, and I met some eight month old puppies at the local park. They were mini pointer/poodles, so were much smaller than me. I did knock them off their feet a few times, but we played well together. My recall still isn’t great when there are other puppies around. I just don’t want to leave my friends.

Enjoy your week and I will be back with more updates next week.