Matamata Pop Up Office


Wednesday, 2 May 2018, 9:30 am - 3:30 pm

Join us at our pop up open day in Matamata

The Blind Foundation is pleased to present our second ‘pop up’ open day in Matamata.

We welcome you to come by to find out more about what the Blind Foundation does, and how it can support people in the area. There will be free information sessions on how people who have low vision or are blind can use adaptive technology, and learn skills to be confident and independent in daily living.


9.30am – 3.30pm Wednesday 2 May 2018.


Union Church Hall, 31 Peria Street, Matamata.

Free information sessions

10.30am: Why Use Technology?

Find out more about what technology can do for living with sight loss and the difference it can make to you or your loved one’s life.

1.30pm: Seeing the Possibilities

Find out more about how you or your loved one can be confident and independent with daily living and sight loss.

About the pop up open day

The day is an opportunity for anyone curious about what we do to come by, have a cuppa on us and find out how we help people adjust to deteriorating vision so they can get on with living the life they want.

People can be surprised to learn that although the organisation has the word ‘blind’ in its name, three out of every four people who use the Blind Foundation’s services are not blind.

You do not need to be blind to benefit from the services we have to support with vision loss.

The invitation to attend is open to everyone and likely to appeal to those with deteriorating eyesight or low vision and their families, who can find out more about the options available to assist.

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Union Church Hall
31 Peria Street