Living a life without limits

Blind Week is a very important time for us to be generous as a community and to focus on the people who benefit from that generosity. People like those featured in the stories below, who are living their best lives thanks to our wonderful supporters.

A mum holding her young daughter and smiling

Supporting Lottie and her family

Nelson couple Hayley and Sam were blissfully 36 weeks pregnant with their first child when a routine check-up shattered their world. Scans revealed that their precious unborn daughter had suffered a brain haemorrhage.

A woman painting a landscape scene

June’s bright future

In 2011, macular degeneration took hold of June’s eyesight, leaving her frustrated and worried about how she would cope. With the help of Blind Foundation counsellor’s, June discovered that life would never be the same, but it was going to be different and enjoyable in new ways.

A woman holding up a hand stitched quilt

Stepping back into the light

Jenny’s world was turned upside down when she developed a rare genetic condition in both eyes. With help from the Blind Foundation and the latest technology, Jenny now has access to a whole world of books that was closed to her.

A young girl listening to an audio book through a DAISY player

Make life magical for children like Brianna

Brianna has been blind since birth, but that has not held her back. With the Blind Foundation by her side, Talking Books have opened up a whole new world of imagination and wonder for her.

Donate now so Brianna and others can continue enjoying the stories they love.