Fundraising Tips

Set yourself a target

Be ambitious and decide how much you want to raise from your Bikkie Day.

$200 could pay for a new guide dog’s harness

$500 could pay for a starter kit for a new guide dog handler and their guide dog. The starter kit includes: harness, food bowl, whistle, brush, toys and much more.

$1,000 could help cover the vet care costs of a guide dog puppy in training

Collect donations online

Have you set up your online fundraising page yet? An online fundraising page will help you collect your donations, inspire support and raise more dough for guide dogs.

Your friends, family and colleagues are likely to be more generous with online donations.

Donate to yourself

Show your supporters that you’re serious about making a difference by donating to your own fundraising page. When people and see that you’ve donated as well as baking delicious bikkies they’ll be much more inclined to support you.

Make your first donation a big-one

Your supporters are likely to look at what other people have donated and follow their lead. Ask your most generous supporter to make the first donation to your fundraising page and it will increase your average donation.

Ask for support

The more time you ask, the more money you will raise for Blind Foundation guide dogs. Don’t be afraid to ask people to support your fundraising efforts… and some people will need a few reminders.

Not all of your donations will come from people buying your bikkies, you’ll be surprised how generous people can be.