Yates by the water

Yates has been busy experiencing life – everything
 is new to him! He’s had visits to the supermarket, the shopping centre and a few cafes along the way.

His puppy walkers have also introduced Yates to the beach and he had a blast discovering sand for the first time. He was so taken with it, he had a crazy few minutes rolling and revelling in the endless golden granules!

Yates by Auckland harbour
Yates sitting calmly during a walk around the harbour


Frankie sleeping in her bed

Frankie is doing really well and is still a strong candidate for the guide dog breeding programme. We’ll find out soon whether Frankie will be a mother of guide dog puppies!

In the meantime, Frankie is still enjoying lots of outings and new experiences with her puppy walker, as they make the most of these lovely sunny days.

Frankie on a boat
Frankie going on a fishing trip
Norah's first birthday party

Norah has always been such a lovely puppy and now she’s becoming a confident and sensible dog.

Growing up means more learning and exploring – and Norah is doing so well out and about in the city. Loud noises, big trucks and busy streets never bother her. She hasn’t been on a bus yet, but soon she will be trying public transport for the first time.

Norah is sure to do well on the bus, because she just loves a road trip! Whenever her puppy walker says ‘Come on girls, we’re leaving’, Norah heads for the car, takes her spot and settles down. A bus ride will be even more fun with all those people going along.

Recently, Norah had a huge win in training. While on a walk,
she came across two dogs. Hearing the command ‘leave’, Norah walked by without stopping or trying to play with the dogs.
What an achievement! Norah usually loves to stop and say hello
to every dog, so her puppy walker couldn’t have been more proud. Happy belated birthday for 7 January, Norah!