Red Puppy Sponsorship

Meet Keaton, an adorable yellow Golden Retriever who is this year’s Pupstar and the face of Red Puppy Sponsorship.  It will take up to two years and lots of rigorous training before he will become a guide dog and be the eyes of a New Zealander who is blind or has low vision.    

Keaton the guide dog puppy in a red frame

Image: A framed photo of Keaton the guide dog puppy-in-training, which you receive when you become a Red Puppy Sponsor. 

Become a Red Puppy Sponsor today and you will help puppies like Keaton become Blind Foundation guide dogs with a regular donation from just $20 a month. 

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Why our guide dog puppies need your help

  • It takes two years and lots of rigorous training before a puppy can become a guide dog.  It's tough work!  Your support will help them succeed.
  • A guide dog gives freedom, independence and confidence to a New Zealander who is blind or has low vision.
  • Right now, there is a 12 month waiting list for a guide dog. 
  • We receive no government funding for our guide dog services. So puppies simply cannot become guide dogs without your support. 

Become a Red Puppy Sponsor today

It's simple and easy; just pick an option below and start supporting guide dogs today:

  • Sign up online to make a monthly gift using your credit card. Our page is secure, safe and easy to use.
  • Call 0800 PUPPIES (0800 787 743) and we'll help you become a Red Puppy Sponsor over the phone.
  • Make your contributions by automatic payment or direct debit. Print the relevant form below and return to: Freepost Authority 70894, Private Bag 99910, Newmarket, Auckland. 1149.
    Note: In line with bank regulations, the following forms are designed to be printed and filled out. We are working with our bank to develop online versions of these forms.
    Automatic Payment form (pdf, 225kb) | Direct Debit form, with Conditions of the Authority (pdf, 251kb)

What you receive as a Red Puppy Sponsor

In appreciation of becoming a Red Puppy Sponsor, you will get:

  • A framed photo of Keaton, our Pupstar of the year.
  • The latest Pupdate, our quarterly newsletter with updates and stories of our guide dog puppies-in-training.
  • Pupdate cover
  • Your Red Puppy Sponsor's Handbook
  • Knowledge that you're helping puppies like Keaton become world-class guide dogs! 

The life of a guide dog puppy

Our puppies go through a lot of fun and training to become guide dogs. Find out more about how your Red Puppy Sponsor monthly gifts help: