Today you can transform a life.

Your donation will help provide essential practical and emotional support to New Zealanders who are blind or have lost their sight.

Every day an average of three people turn to the Blind Foundation for support with sight loss, and when you lose your sight, you lose more than your ability to see.

  • It’s only when you no longer have your sight that you realise how big a role the written word plays in your life. That’s why your donation means so much to our library members.
  • Losing your sight can be utterly devastating. It can result in feelings of isolation, loneliness and depression. That’s why your caring support means so much to those whose hope is restored through our counselling services.
  • Losing your sight can mean relearning how to do everyday things like making a cup of tea or the kid’s school lunches, going to the supermarket, and putting your make up on. That’s why your donation means so much to people who receive training and advice in everyday things from our caring and expert staff.
  • Losing your sight can mean no longer working in the job you love, or participating in the sports and hobbies you used to enjoy. That’s why your donation means so much to those who receive employment support, and have the opportunity to discover new hobbies and social activities to participate in.

Your caring support will help New Zealanders affected by blindness and sight loss face the future with confidence. Thank you.

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