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For Marama, buttering her bread is a big achievement.

Marama spreads butter on her toast

It's a seemingly small task, but for Marama, making a sandwich is a big accomplishment. That’s because she was born blind.

Marama’s mum says, “She was a beautiful baby, but I knew something was wrong with her eyes. I didn’t want to admit it, like if I didn’t, it couldn’t be true.”

A gorgeous, smiley girl, Marama is four years old, so she’s at an important stage of her development, soaking up information and learning skills she will need for the rest of her life. That’s why we're asking for your help.

Will you help Marama achieve even bigger things?

Alana, one of our Blind Foundation living skills specialists, helps Marama learn day to day things that are much easier for children who can see, like squeezing toothpaste onto a toothbrush and getting dressed without assistance. And you can help. Please, donate today.

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“Marama’s lucky with the support she gets,” her mum says.

Marama enjoys weekly sessions with Alana and especially loves feeling the tactile and braille books from the Blind Foundation library. One of her favourite things is music and she has an astounding memory – she knows all of the songs by Queen. Marama is incredibly bright but says, “My eyes don’t work very well.”

Marama learning to walk with her caneImage: Marama learning to walk with her cane, with the help of Alana, one of our Living Skills Specialists.

The first day of school will be a big step

Marama won’t be able to see the teacher at the front of the classroom. But thanks to Alana's help, she’ll learn how to get to school using her cane, pack her own lunch, read braille and have the same opportunities to play and learn as other children her age. We know that will make Marama very happy.

1,100 children need help every day

Like Marama, many children need help. Every week, a child under six registers with us for essential support. You can ensure they have a bright future. Please donate today and make a real difference.

Here’s how you can make a huge difference:

  • Marama loves the tactile and braille books from our library. Your $40 could provide these special books.
  • Marama has learnt to make her favourite ham and tomato sandwiches. Your $75 could help another child do the same.
  • Your $120 could help the Blind Foundation support Marama to achieve even bigger things as she grows up.

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