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Sam the guide dog puppy runs through a field

Puppies like Sam need your help

For a wee puppy like Sam, there are many steps on the journey to become a Blind Foundation guide dog.  Sam is so small, it’s hard to imagine that one day he will guide someone every day.  He’ll be their eyes, their companion and change their life – but he can’t do it alone.  With no government funding for guide dogs, we rely on your generosity.

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Any amount you give will make a real difference in the lives of people who are blind or have low vision.

Sam the guide dog puppy with his hero, a guide dog

Help Sam become a guide dog like Ami

Ami was a very special guide dog. Thanks to generous donors, people like you, she was trained and given to a lady named Lisa, who was diagnosed with a brain tumour at just 11 years old, and lost her sight. Ami changed Lisa’s life.

Lisa with her guide dog Heidi

‘Ami gave me my life back.’

After losing her sight at a young age, Lisa spent her teenage years struggling with her blindness.  “I was craving to be a ‘normal’ teenager and it was hard to cope with having no sight at all. I wasn’t free to go where I wanted to, I had to rely on others and I didn’t feel part of the world around me.”

But thanks to our generous donors, at the age of 21 Lisa received her first guide dog, Ami.  With newfound independence she started work, made new friends and later in life, had her first child.  Even when she gave birth, her guide dog was in the hospital room.  Lisa named her daughter Maddison Ami, after her loyal guide dog.

After 10 years with Lisa, Ami retired. At first Lisa was placed on a waiting list but eventually, she welcomed a new guide dog, Heidi, into her family.

“Ami and Heidi helped me regain my confidence and allowed me to feel like myself again.”

Lisa is one of the lucky ones.  While Red Puppy Appeal donations have changed her life, many people in the blind community are still waiting, hopeful that they’ll be next in line for a guide dog.

“I know there are many people who desperately need a guide dog.  With more support, their lives could be so different.  That’s why I urge you to donate – your donation literally changes lives.”

Here’s how you can make a huge difference:

  • Your $100 could provide a puppy with all the essentials for puppy walking such as their first red coat, food bowl, toys, collar and lead.
  • Your $30 could provide blankets, toys, food bowls and specialist equipment for puppies in the Guide Dog Breeding Centre.
  • Your $45 could provide a guide dog puppy with their first vaccinations.
  • Your $1,500 could pay for an entire litter of guide dog puppies to be fully health checked, vaccinated, eye checked and wormed

Please donate online or call 0800 DONATE (0800 366 283).