Tactile rulers are available in 20cm and 30cm lengths. Wikki Stix come in Primary colours and Hot Neons. They can be used for creating pictures in 2 or 3 dimensitons.The Braille Cube Keyring has 3 revolving sections which can be turned to form different braille letters for teaching purposes. Talking calculators will do all standard functions including percentages. Talking Scientific Calculators may be sourced by special request.

  • Braille cube keyring

    Braille cube keyring

    A fun keyring that can be used to make the shapes of the braille characters.

    $24 / $24 (Subsidised members) More »

  • Desktop talking calculator with an earphone

    Desktop talking calculator with an earphone

    Desktop talking calculator with an earphone. The external speaker automatically shuts off when the earphone is inserted so it is ideal for the classroom or office.

    $73 / $55 (Subsidised members) More »

  • Pocket size talking calculator

    Pocket size talking calculator

    Pocket size talking calculator with alarm clock

    $32 / $29 (Subsidised members) More »

  • Semi-circular yellow protractor

    Semi-circular yellow protractor

    This semi-circular yellow protractor is made of shatter-proof plastic with black markings. A set of chart pins is also supplied.

    $22 / $22 (Subsidised members) More »

  • Wikki Stix

    Wikki Stix

    Wikki Stix are waxy, flexible sticks that kids can shape into tactile patterns, pictures or letters again and again. Available in two colour options - primary or hot neon.

    $13 / $13 (Subsidised members) More »

  • Yellow tactile rulers

    Yellow tactile rulers

    Yellow shatter-proof plastic rulers with matte black visual and tactile markings. They have two different edges, straight and notched, at 5mm intervals. Available in two sizes.

    $15 / $15 (Subsidised members) More »

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