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Did you know only 5 per cent of all printed material is available in formats that blind people can read? Imagine if you weren't able to read the newspaper over breakfast on a Sunday morning, cook a meal out of your favourite recipe book or read a novel on the beach...

Having access to information provides a sense of independence and personal empowerment.

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What is accessible information?

Blind, deafblind and people with low vision need to access all types of information that is published in print. Manuals on using household appliances, restaurant menus, music scores and full-length books are all types of information that the blind and those with low vision need to be able to access.

Our accessible format production staff turn printed words and pictures into formats that blind people can read. Formats include:

Accessible versions are made by the Blind Foundation solely for the use of people who have a print disability, as defined in the Copyright Act 1994.

For more information you can email our accessible format production team on

How to make your information accessible 

We can help you make your website more accessible to all with our useful tips and tricks.

We can also be contracted to convert written material into accessible formats, or to advise about the accessibility of print or digital publications. For more details please email 

Check out our top tips on how to make accessible documents

Accessible curriculum material

We have a contract to the Ministry of Education, whereby we produce textbooks, handouts and exam materials in accessible formats for school students who are blind or have low vision.

For more information about obtaining curriculum materials in accessible formats, contact Homai Special Formats Library: phone 0800 24 33 33 or (09) 268 3215, or email

Report to the Accessible Format Materials Advisory Board 2012 

Blind Foundation have contributed to a report that sets out to provide an overview of the various elements that interweave around purpose, production, and practice in the use of accessible format materials in the New Zealand educational context. The contributors were also invited to make some predictions (using a three year time frame) around both production and use of accessible format materials to support the board in strategic planning, taking into account the ongoing impact of assistive technology.

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