Deafblind services

Deafblind people communicate in many different ways.Deafblind coordinator communicating with student via print on palm

Depending on when a person became deafblind, what sight and hearing they have (if any), whether they have any other disabilities and who it is they are communicating with, they communicate by speech, sign, reading and writing, braille, deafblind manual alphabet, print on palm (also called block), pictures, photographs and symbols, or objects.

We provide a range of services for deafblind people and others in their lives. These may be provided by the deafblind services team, in conjunction with other teams that provide services to our members. The services include:

  • information and advice
  • support to develop ways to communicate
  • practical support with tasks and teaching new skills
  • support to learn new ways of getting around safely
  • social and leisure activities
  • emotional support
  • support to access other services
  • employment
  • equipment
  • funding and training for those involved with deafblind people

Our deafblind coordinators are based in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch and provide services for people throughout New Zealand.

For more information call us on 0800 24 33 33. 

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